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Little Blue Book

Little Blue Book


Big Blue Bus publishes an updated Little Blue Transit Guide and System Map three times per year. The guide contains individual route maps and schedules as well as a comprehensive system map. A PDF version of the Little Blue Book can be downloaded for free and individual route pages can be viewed on our website.

Additionally, paper copies are available on board any Big Blue Bus or at Blue: the Transit Store for free! Paper copies include a large removable system map and can be shipped for $5 in the U.S. or $15 internationally.    

Here's how to use the Little Blue Book to plan your trip:

First, find your destination on the system map. Major points of interest such as schools, parks, and tourist attractions are shown, as are major streets within our service area. Look for the bus route(s) that will take you to your destination. Then, refer to the schedules for each bus route and estimate when your bus(es) will arrive.